L.U.C.A.S. - Links United for Coma Awakenings through Sport


Welcome To LucasProject Website

  • The project “LUCAS- Links United for Coma Awakenings through Sport” refers to persons recovering from “coma” and the treatment of these individuals once they leave the hospital and then admitted to a rehabilitation center or at home.
  • This process is a very difficult task because it requires the involvement of the State, local authorities, social services, the patient’s family, volunteers and other social institutions, as well as health institutions.
  • With the aim of first improving the health of patients and then their social integration, the network of “LUCAS project” started to collect good practices in each partner’s country separately, combining sport with the treatments that follow and then will study them considering their practical application in individual countries.
  • The aim is to formulate a new proposal regarding the treatment and social inclusion of people recovering from “coma” with an active involvement of the family members.